Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Pre-Halloween Story

This is a story I told my elementary aged daughter when she said her friends were teasing her for not being a witch on Halloween.

Once upon a time, in the throne room of heaven, there were two little angels. One of them, from the kingdom of light, always lived there. The other, from the kingdom of darkness, was a demon angel, and happened to wander by.

The little angel from the kingdom of darkness yelled, "I know what I'm going to dress up as when I go down to earth to see the children on Halloween night!" The angel who lived in the throne room sighed and thought, "I know. I know. He'll probably be a witch, or a monster, or maybe a wrapped up mummy."

And then the demon angel boasted, "And I got the idea from all of you!"

This declaration troubled the little angel of light and also made him curious because the little angel wore the very same costume every year. It's not that the little angel wasn't creative, it's just that he enjoyed his costume that much. He so much enjoyed showing his costume to the children of the earth. What was the little angel from the kingdom of light on Halloween? He was a voice--a still small voice that liked to whisper the quiet assuring words of God's love, peace, and presence.

The demon angel then cried out, "This year for Halloween, I'm going to be a loud voice! I'm going to going to be the loud voice that accuses people, teases people, and makes people scared. No doubt, they'll listen to me! Because they won't be able to ignore my big loud sounds!" And then the little demon angel proudly said, "Thanks for the idea angel goody two shoes. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Now this bit of news was truly worrisome. And the little angel thought about the children of earth and wondered, "Will my small voice still be good enough?