Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little River Census Stats

Kansas data from the latest 2010 census is now available. Here's how my town of Little River ranks within the state:

14th in poverty--25.8%. 279th out of 286 in median household income--$27,404. I knew our community's need were great, but ranking so high out of nearly 300 towns surprised me.

263rd in median home value--$39,600. Many homes were built shortly after WW2. Today, many have severe maintenance needs. 2.6% are mobile homes. 4.7% are unoccupied (I can't imagine where they are). No homes in Little River are valued over $1 million. Kansas City suburbs Leawood and Mission Hills each have over 450.

84.4% of our citizens have graduated from high school. 9.2% graduated from college.

In 51.7% of our families, both husband and wife work. The average commute time is 22.2 miles. 37% start their commute before 7:00am. This includes our house.

13.7% of our citizens are veterans. We have a very active local American Legion.

Little River ranks #15 in single men per single women--238 single men for every 100 women.

Only .05% of people in our community speak Spanish.