Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Amusement Park Known as CCM

Denny Burk links to a funny and sad story of Meghan O’Gieblyn's experience with CCM--the contemporary Christian music scene--in the 1980's. Those years are fond memories for me because at that time I worked in a music store and hosted a Sunday radio show that played CCM.

Here's my prayer for those who relate to Meghan's story...

The Kingdom of heaven on earth is sometimes like treasure hidden in a field. When CCM found it, they hid it again, and built upon the land a corny amusement park--complete with CDs, concerts, costumes, and consumerism.

Tons of teens enjoyed the carnival atmosphere, but in-authenticity and edgier competition eventually put the park out of business.

Years later, a woman--wearied by the glitzy culture's hollow center--stopped by the abandoned amusement park. She laughed at all the old memories, but was taken aback to one particular moment when she saw an old shovel. She recalled the words of one of the carnival workers. This one spoke like he genuinely believed the message he proclaimed--"Inside this park is buried treasure!"

Taking the shovel, she began to dig. After a few moments, much to her surprise, deep in the dirt, there it was--the hidden treasure.

When she found it, she hid it again, and then in her joy went and sold all she had, and bought that field.