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Son Force Kids VBS Closing Rally Script

For those of you surfing for ideas for your Son Force Kids Vacation Bible School closing rally, here is the program we created. Our VBS had about 50 kids.

This program--which uses 2 readers--reviews what we did each day and follows with a song from that day's theme. It's almost an hour in length. The songs are in italics.

Son Force Kids VBS Closing Rally Script

Good morning and welcome to the Congregational Church for the closing rally of Little River’s Vacation Bible School—

Brought to you by the kids of Little River, the Congregational Church, and the United Methodist Church.

All this week, we’ve been training for God’s service at the Son Force Kids Special Agents Academy.

Our agents have worked hard and had lots of fun along the way.

And because of their good work, today our agents will be certified as Level 5 Agents for God. Let’s welcome our agents now! (Kids enter from back)

Son Force Kids Theme Instrumental

God's Kids (VBS theme song)

A few minutes ago, your feet were walking on ground known as Little River, Kansas. You entered a church and sat in a pew.

But as our kids were singing, top-secret Son Force Kids technology lifted this church off the ground, launched us high above the earth, and deep into space—taking us to the Son Force Satellite Headquarters.

Here at our high tech command center, our Son Force Agents have been training for their 5 missions.

Our Special Agents will now tell you the key words to each of our 5 missions.

Mission # 1: TRUST
Mission # 2: UNITE
Mission # 3: TRAIN
Mission # 4: FOLLOW
Mission # 5: LEAD

On Tuesday, Day 1, our Special Agents participated in Level 1 Training—for Mission # 1—Learning to trust in God’s plans. On this day, Agents learned the story from Exodus 1-2 about the birth of baby Moses—and how we can have courage in all situations by trusting in God’s love and plan for us.

Our key verse this day was Jeremiah 17:7—“Blessed is the man or woman who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

God wants all of us to trust Him with our life. In fact, on the back of today’s bulletin, there’s declassified information from the Bible on how you too can become one of God’s Special Agent—by trusting Jesus as Savior.

I Trust You With My Life

When you trust Jesus as Savior, you become a Special Agent in the service of God’s kingdom.

With that great information in their heart, all of our Special Agents successfully completed Level 1 training. And so on Wednesday, we commenced with Level 2 training for our 2nd mission—Learning to unite with God’s people.

Our key verse came from Romans 12:10, which tells us, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

On this day, we heard the story of Queen Esther. When an evil man plotted to destroy God’s people, Esther called on God’s people to unite in prayer to stop the evil plot.

In turn, our Special Agents discovered that we can have courage to stand up for others by uniting together with God’s people.

Come Together and Unite

All of our Special Agents took these words to heart. They united and helped one another complete Level 2 training. And they did it with love.

With Love (Young children's song)

And so, every Agent was invited back on Thursday for Level 3 training. On this day, we learned to train for God’s service.

Here, we heard the story of Daniel and how he was determined to train and live for God—even when everyone else around him was not.

Train Me Up

Our key verse for Level 3 training came from Proverbs 19:20—“Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.”

Listen up and you’ll hear those words in our next song.

Listen to Advice

On Tuesday-Thursday, all our Special Agents did great work—trusting, uniting, and training. They were hearing God’s Word and obeying Him.

Hear the Word (Young kids song)

Having completed all requirements, all Special Agents were promoted to Level 3 Agents.

On Friday, we challenged our Special Agents to a day of double training—as we learned two lessons.

Level 4 training was this—learning to follow God’s path. We learned how Jeremiah was willing to follow God and do what He says, even when he knew others wouldn’t like it.

In turn, our Special Agents discovered that we can have courage to follow in God’s path, even when it’s difficult.

Our key verse for Level 4 training came from Jeremiah 7:23—“Obey me and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in all the ways I command you, that it may go well with you.”

Obey Me

After Level 4 Training, we were pleased to see that all of our Special Agents wanted to follow and obey Jesus. All Special Agents were promoted and became Level 4 Agents.

To celebrate and get ready for Level 5 training, all Special Agents’ stomachs were given at lunch a special mixture of the following ingredients.

Now in the next few moments, allow us to demonstrate our Special Agents ability to decipher secret codes. For lunch, our Special Agents enjoyed:

Tubular Meat—otherwise known as…(a student comes to microphone and says) Hot Dogs

Dug up from the ground, sliced, fried, and flattened carbohydrates—otherwise known as…Potato Chips

And a very cold, pyramid shaped material that is tightly compacted together—and topped with outrageously sugary syrup—otherwise known as…Snow Cones

With all our Special Agents full and fortified—we began the last and all-important Level 5 training. In this lesson, we learned to lead others to God’s promises.

We heard the story of Joshua and how he encouraged God’s people to believe and act upon God’s promises.

The key verse for this training mission was from Joshua 1:9—“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Be Strong and Courageous

As part of our Special Agent training this week—we’ve been learning to give—just as God gave to us by sending us His Son Jesus Christ.

And one way we’ve been doing that is with a special offering contest between the boys and the girls.

Each day, the Special Agents were encouraged to bring an offering of money. All the money we’ve collected is going to help two special families who were adversely affected by the recent floods and tornadoes in Kansas.

(Families and their situations described)

Encouraging the kids with their offering this week has been a very special, high level, super secret, Special Agent.

[This is one of the church's pastors; he comes out in a secret agent costume--trench coat, sunglasses, binoculars, etc.]

Let’s welcome him now. Here is Agent DET! [His name is spelled backwards]

Mission of Love

Agent DET:
I’m here to announce the winner of the offering contest between the boys and the girls. Over the last couple of the years, the girls have won the overall offering contest. Let’s see if they can win again.

(Scrambling) I can’t find it.

(Bible Computer chimes in)

["Bible Computer" (BC) is a dishwasher box that we decorated: white paper on its front, "Bible Computer" painted in red at top, holes punched in front and Christmas lights put through the holes, also a slot cut in center for BC to pass messages through. Then, we hid a sixth grader in the back to pass messages and make noises. BC doesn't use a human voice, but the sounds of a cell phone. Bible Computer was a great hit! Young kids think he's real. Agent DET talks to Bible Computer and acts as if he understands the cell phone noises]

Oh hello Bible Computer

What’s that you say?

You’ve got the results of the offering contest?

Thank goodness! What would I do without you?

[SENDS OUT MESSAGE —“You’d Be Doing Nothing”]

OK, Bible Computer, how much was the total offering for the Boys?

[***PLAY THE ‘ESPIONAGE’*** RING TONE and NOTE with boys' total]

And now, how much is the total offering for the Girls?

[***PLAY THE ‘ESPIONAGE’*** RING TONE and NOTE with girls' total]

The winner of this year’s contest is the boys!

What’s that you say Bible Computer?

You’re right. The real winner is the families we're helping. Each will receive about $200—all because of these Special Agents. Give them a hand!

We’ve had a great week of Special Agent training here at Son Force Kids Vacation Bible School. We’ve had great training through our songs, our Bible lessons, our games, our snacks, and our crafts.

And all that Special Training costs money. Will you help us defray the costs of our Training? At this time we’re going to receive an offering to help defray the costs of this weeks VBS. As you give generously, you help us make Little River’s VBS week a great one for our kids.

(Offering received as kids sing the following)

Together in Harmony

And now, we’d like to introduce to you all the Special Agents who have qualified to be Level 5 Agents

(Each teacher introduces their students)

We’ve now reached the moment that all Special Agents have been waiting for.

Agent DET, would you please give these Special Agents the Special Announcement?

I hereby pronounce you—Son Force Kids—Level 5 Agents!

God’s Kids

(Kids dismiss--followed by everyone else)

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