Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kline, Tiller, and O'Reilly Battle in Kansas

Human life is a key issue in the Kansas election today as Attorney General Phill Kline faces a tough reelection battle against Republican turned Democrat Paul Morrison.

Earlier this year, Kline won a court order against notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller and a Kansas City Planned Parenthood clinic--making them hand over medical records so Kline can investigate whether these abortionist violated state law by not reporting suspected cases of child rape and whether they violated state law by performing late term abortions on women whose lives were not in imminent danger.

On Friday, Bill O'Reilly revealed that he received records indicating that Tiller performed late term abortions on women who were "depressed"--clearly a violation of the late term law. And, these clinics have performed abortions on girls 10-15 and didn't report these cases to authorities--clearly a violation of child rape laws. Kline appeared on the next segment to substantiate O'Reilly's evidence. Immediately, Tiller's lawyer claimed that it was Kline who illegally leaked the records to O'Reilly and went to the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday to take the records away from Kline's office.

I can understand why Tiller's lawyer is expressing outrage. He needs to divert attention from his client's shameful, evil, illegal activity. Sadly, this case shows how abortion advocates want absolutely no restrictions on abortion and will defend abortion under any circumstance. Tiller's lawyer can point the finger at Kline, but there's three fingers pointing back at him and his client--along with thousands of dead babies who cry out for justice.

Meanwhile, Dennis Boyles at OpinionJournal.com reports that Missouri billionaire James Stowers--the man behind the deceptive campaign to make human cloning legal in Missouri by adding an amendment to the state's constitution--has pumped $12 million into Kansas' campaign to ensure abortion access remains unfettered and to pave the way for embryonic stem cell research (which requires killing a fertilized human embryo).

Is there a lot at stake in today's Kansas election? You bet. Be sure you vote.

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