Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

Just got home from a five day trip to my childhood stomping grounds--Cincinnati.

What started the odyssey was my two sisters organizing a surprise birthday party for my mother's 70th birthday. My wife suggested I go, so I did. Glad she did. I owe you one hon.

Hearing my mom proclaim, "Theodore," when she first saw me Wednesday and then seeing her reaction Friday night when she was surprised by 50+ friends at her party made the time and travel well worth it.

On top of all this, I got to eat Skyline chili cheese coneys twice, enjoyed Graeter's ice cream, watched the Bengals on TV with my sister, played and hung out with my cousins, teed it up 9 holes with my Dad, attended the church founded in the late 1800's by my great-great grandfather, drank coffee with a lifelong friend, and oh yeah, ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

Wednesday night as I was talking with my family, we reminisced about our grandmother inviting us over to her house and ordering Frisch's takeout. My "Grammy" did that a lot, but I hadn't thought about it in years.

You have to leave home, but it sure is nice to go back once in a while and recapture your past.

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