Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mystery of Christ as Both God and Man

"Much discussion has arisen in theology over the question of Christ's self-consciousness. How could He know and sense the infinite might and wisdom of God and at the same time appear at times with normal human weaknesses and limitations apart from complications with immortality?

"How could He know and not know? How could He be the source of all power and yet be prone to and exposed to human frailty?

"The answer to the that Christ operated in the human sphere to the extent that it was necessary for Him to accomplish His earthly purpose, but at the same time continued operating in the divine sphere to the extent that it was possible in the period of his humiliation."

--Lewis Sperry Chafer

Founder of Dallas Theological Seminary
Quoted from his Systematic Theology

Image: From Meditations on Mary: Georges de la Tour The Nativity
Musee des Beaux-Arts
Rennes, France

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