Monday, October 15, 2007

An Interesting UCC Theologian

Though I often wince at the things said by United Church of Christ pastors and theologians, I've also encountered several who are thoughtful, creative, and orthodox.

One is Donald Bloesch, Professor of Theology Emeritus at Dubuque Seminary in Iowa. His seven volume systematic theology and his earlier work, "Essentials of Evangelical Theology" are excellent resources. I've read both with great profit and edification.

Another interesting person is Dr. Willis E. Elliott. An ordained UCC and American Baptist minister, he's a self-described, "contrarian Christian." Elliott always brings to the table a unique angle to any issue.

For example, check out his answer to this Washington Post's "On Faith" question: "Do you believe in life after death? Have you ever been visited by the spirit of a dead relative or friend? Do such visions or visitations have any theological meaning?"

Elliott' answer is creative, spot on, and best of all, makes you think.

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