Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Photographer Dewitt Jones observes:
Do you know that the average National Geographic article is shot in 400 rolls of film? 14,000 rolls to get the 30 pictures that go into an article. I'm not worrying about mistakes. I'm looking for the next right answer.
From the DVD "Everyday Creativity."

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littleriverlon said...

Here is one that was NOT a mistake--I tried your suggestion on brining the turkey- WOW!!!!!!I creted a concoction like you mention, adding brown sugar as well. It marinated for about 14 hours. The resutl was a deliciously moist bird. The dark meat was a little salty. I think it due to the fact that it was a self-basting (8% sodium and water) I can't find fresh birds here. Still, a great treat though.
It was good to talk with you last week. I miss you, friend.