Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Links to the Intergoogle

Good News-- Notorious late term abortionist George Tiller has been ordered to turn over redacted medical records to a grand jury investigating whether he broke Kansas law. And the judge is none too happy about Tiller's continued stall tactics.

More Delays-- The Kansas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the grand jury's access to redacted medical records. What's Tiller hiding?

Thought Provoking-- Professor Walter Berns of Georgetown University argues that support of the death penalty is tied to belief in God.

Funny-- This winter has made Idaho resident Douglas Wilson tired of shoveling global warming.

Interesting-- A map of the world that's sized not according to land mass, but population size.

Influential-- C.J. Mahaney discusses 4 books that have influenced his understanding of the cross.

Getting Better-- Suicide bombings in Israel are down for a reason.

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