Thursday, February 14, 2008

Revival Conference Concludes

Last night our church concluded our revival conference with my friend Dr. J.B. Hixson, Executive Director of the Free Grace Alliance.

We talked about grace, eternal security, getting into God's Word, and eternal rewards.

Church family, your support for the revival was so wonderful-- from dinners drop off at the house to outstanding attendance each night.

In this Sunday's message, I'll summarize our time and answer the question, "What now." And here on this blog, I'll post on what we discussed each session.

Until then, here's a funny story.

On Tuesday I took J.B. to the Kansas Underground Museum. He really enjoyed the chance to go down 650 feet into the earth and discover the history of salt mining in Hutchinson.

Afterwards, we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. As we got out of the car, J.B. said, "I'm paying." I replied, "No, I am." When we ordered, we each told the waitress that we were to get the ticket.

After the meal, the waitress gave the bill to J.B. I asked him, "Why did she give the bill to you?" He answered, "I told her to give the check to the best looking guy." So I retorted, "That's funny. Because I told her to give it to the ugliest guy at the table."

I guess we'll never know who the waitress listened to.

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