Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garage Sale

My burden feels a little lighter today.

Saturday, my wife and I put together our very first garage sale and we got rid of a bunch of stuff.

Melissa was glad to pass on about 10 boxes of children's clothing. I was pleased when someone bought 3 years worth of Astronomy Magazine for $2.00.

The "professional" garage salers come early. They're an entire sub-culture-- collectors looking for specific things or scroungers searching for a bargain so they can turn around and make a buck. Then there's the stragglers who happen to stop by and find something they like. When junk is a quarter, it's hard to resist.

My wife and I each took a turn making a mistake while the other one was away for a moment. Melissa sold a children's book I didn't want to sell. I sold something for $1 when Melissa wanted $5.

Putting together a garage sale takes a lot of effort and cooperation. We spent all day Friday deciding what to put in the sale, moving stuff to the garage, and setting up tables and merchandise.

I'm still wondering if all that work was worth the $20 we made.

Better than the money is the satisfaction that our life is tad more simplified.

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