Wednesday, June 25, 2008

K-O Conference News

This was in the email box this morning:


This is a busy week in our conference life beginning on Monday with a meeting of persons interested in White Memorial Camp, followed by a meeting of the Personnel Committee. Tuesday the Conference Council met and today, Wednesday, the Annual Meeting Planning Committee meets. Rev. Jane Heckles from the Office of our General Minister and President, Rev. John Thomas, has been with us for these meetings. We are glad for her presence and good counsel.

There were important actions taken that I want to share with you. First, Rev. Kathy McCallie was elected to the position of Conference Council President. Kathy was serving as the Acting President and is now officially the Conference President. The second action taken by the Personnel Committee and affirmed by the Council was to appoint Mr. Ron Klein to the position of Temporary Camp Director for White Memorial Camp. Ms. Glenda Bower will continue as chairperson of the Program Committee. Mr. Jim Powers will serve as the temporary chair of the Site Committee. Rev. Sam Askew is serving as the chairperson of the Personnel Committee and Rev. John Austin as the Secretary. There will be a more complete report in the next issue of the K-O Focus.

Rev. McCallie has characterized this as a time of healing, forgiveness and hope. May it be so.


Rev. Dr. David Hansen
Conference Minister

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