Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Faith

Ordinary people with an extraordinary faith.

More and more I'm becoming convinced that these are the ones whom God uses most to grow His kingdom. Not Christian celebrities or even pastors.

Last night ABC television did a piece on the mysterious Tourette's Syndrome and showed a Christian mother praying with her afflicted elementary aged daughter. This family deals with a tremendous burden, yet they look to God and trust Him. Moved me to tears.

Over the weekend my wife and I attended the wedding of our good friend, Wendy. Single all her life, at 47 she married a man who, like her, had faithfully remained single for many years. At the rehearsal dinner, Wendy's maid of honor gave an incredible testimony that went something like this:
I grew up in a family that didn't believe in God. In fact, my Dad was an adamant atheist. So when I met Wendy as a teenager, and saw she was different, I had to know why. So I asked her, 'What makes you different? She said, 'Jesus.' Soon after, I got saved.

Over the years, Wendy and I have had two long term prayers. One is that she would get married. The second is that my Dad would get saved. Tomorrow, the first prayer gets answered. Now about my Dad, he now has dementia. He forgets a lot of things. So we're hoping he forgets that he's been an atheist all his life and comes to trust Jesus as His Savior.
You have to love the extraordinary faith of ordinary people!

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