Monday, September 29, 2008

Stock Phrases 1

Casual conversation is a part of everyone's life. And like you, I hear lots of "stock phrases." Instead of listening to these redundant phrases and going, "Uh huh," I've decided that I need to start responding more deeply. If we, as God's representatives, don't say anything of substance, who will?

For instance, yesterday I asked someone, "What's going on?" and he replied, "Nothing. Just trying to stay out of trouble." In his own strength, history shows that this friend doesn't stand a chance of staying out of future trouble. Our town's lone policeman knows this guy pretty well. So I said something I've never said before, "Well, to make that happen, you'll need to start following Jesus."

It may sound like a campy response, but I can't keep hiding my only source of hope.

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