Monday, December 29, 2008

The Usefulness of Brokenness

Came across this thought provoking observation from a devotional by Evangelical Covenant Church president Gary Walter:
There actually is a distinction in the types of brokenness - not all brokenness is the same. Yes, there is brokenness that leads to disuse - the car breaks and can’t be used, or the plumbing, the computer, the toaster. When they are broken, they are of no use.

But there are other things that have no usefulness until they are broken.
• A horse is no good until . . . it is broken
• A baseball mitt is no good until . . . it is broken in
• In case of emergency, break glass
• And what does it say on your medicine? Break this seal.

The spiritual reality is that God uses broken things. In fact, our entire faith is built on this statement of Jesus about his sacrifice on the cross: this is my body, broken for you. And what does King David say is an acceptable offering to God? A broken spirit and a contrite heart.

Yes, in God’s upside down system of values, broken things are the most valuable. Brokenness does not inevitably lead to uselessness. Brokenness in God’s design is precisely the way to even greater usefulness.

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