Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mike Roe and Michael Miller

About 30 people came out Wednesday night to see, in the words of Mike Roe, "the only concert in town" featuring Roe and opening act Michael Miller.

$299 in free will offerings was given to the family of Gavin Schlatter, a seven year old boy dealing with a long term illness.

Roe performed songs from his new release, "We All Gonna Face the Rising Sun," a collection of obscure, old-time gospel songs. He also played tunes from the latest 77s release and material from the Lost Dogs.

And in the "most unusual moment of the evening," Michael Miller was nearly arrested by Little River's police officer, when he entered the Senior Center to arrest a Michael Miller--just not the Michael Miller who came to perform.

My thanks to the Congregational Church and Linda Miller for making the evening a reality!
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