Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dogged Procrastination

Each year in my small town (population 500), I have to go to City Hall and pay $2.00 for my dog's tag. The license makes Popcorn--my overgrown, white poodle, who lies at my feet as I write--legit for another year. And, the tag insures that when my dog runs off, as he occasionally does, the one policeman in our community will return him without giving me too scornful a look.

The city sent me the renewal notice in early January. Late that month, Popcorn got a new rabbies vaccination. The vet sent me home with the rabbies certificate. I promptly misplaced it and forgot all about it.

In early February, I rediscovered the city notice in a pile of papers. Since I couldn't find the rabbies certificate, I called the vet and had them fax me a copy. Again, I forgot the matter.

A week later, I found the original rabbies certificate among a pile of papers in the kitchen. I said, "Ah, I must get that new dog tag." Since it was evening, I couldn't get the tag, so nothing was done.

A few days later, I again found the city notice letter. Since I just saw the vet's certificate in the kitchen, I went to get it, but couldn't find it. When I asked my wife where it was, she said, "Oh, I didn't know you needed it. I threw it away." After the steam out of my ears evaborated, I once again forgot the whole thing.

This morning, I found the city notice again: "If the new tag(s) have not been purchased by March 1, 2006, a $5 penalty per dog will be applied." I had to pay that darn penalty two years ago. Yes, for the very reasons you see described here.

BINGO! I just found the faxed certificate. I stuck it on a bulletin board so I wouldn't lose it. But I outsmarted myself. I put it on my wife's bulletin board, behind the computer printer. I can see from where I sit at this computer.

Years ago, my mother told me, "If your head wasn't attached, you'd lose that too."

I think I'll pay for that tag today.

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