Monday, February 27, 2006

Starry Magic

One of the last chores before bed is walking the dog. Last night, my 8 year old came along.

In Kansas, you can't help but look up at the huge night sky. Last night was an especially ideal evening for star gazing. The sky was crystal clear, the temperature mild, and the wind calm. With just your eye, you could see thousands of stars. I enjoyed pointing out Orion's Belt to my daughter.

Looking at the night sky and holding your daughter's hand are just the things to make you reflect upon your life.

Twenty years ago, I never imagined being married and having kids. Freedom was more important than commitments. But now at age 44, I relish the responsibility of kids (well, most of the time). The chance to teach and impart eternal values is a real privilege. I guess as you get older, you think more about doing something significant and lasting.

After we finished walking around the block and came to the back door, my daughter said, "You know Daddy, when Jesus rose from the dead, it wasn't a magic trick."

No, but the walk sure was magical.

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