Friday, September 08, 2006

Military Mistakenly Drops Practice Bombs on Lake

This is a Kansas story I missed over the summer, but just recently heard:

Up at Kanopolis Lake, 20 minutes from where I live in Little River, a B-52 Air Force plane originating out of Louisiana dropped not one, but nine concrete practice bombs into the lake on July 19th, to the astonishment of stunned witnesses lounging on the beach.

Opps. I mean, really big opps.

The story from the Wichita Eagle is here and coverage by a military site, with some humorous comments is here.

The "bombs" were supposed to be dropped at the nearby Smoky Hill National Guard Ranger, which is about 15 miles northwest of the lake. It shouldn't have been difficult to find. It has a 12,000-acre target area.

Officials at the lake have yet to find the bombs. It's not yet clear what damage was done to the lake bottom or the wall of the reservoir damn.

It's hard to tell if the folks in the plane dropped the bombs by accident or as a joke. It probably doesn't matter. Either way, they're in a whole heap of trouble.

The Bible word "sin" means, "to miss the mark." In Romans 3:23, it's utilized to show how utterly off-target humanity is in pleasing God.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, none of us "made in the image of God" creatures measures up before our maker in thought, word, or deed. We've missed the target God sets before us. We need grace.

Just like that B-52 crew.

This incident happened in July. It's now September.

Wonder if they're out of the doghouse yet?

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