Monday, January 15, 2007

Crummy Church Signs

My church used to have a large, lighted sign board on its front wall. I liked it. I got to preach a roadside sermon to everyone who passed by.

"Who knows," I thought, "if a person doesn't come to church, maybe God can reach them this way."So each week, I diligently put up a new message. Some were originals. Others I gleaned from church sign books.

I took pride in the sign board. I thought its presence let the community know that we were a thriving little church.

Trouble was, not everyone in the church appreciated the board. Even my mother once told me, "It's ugly." Eventually, the sign was torn down and replaced with a splendid brick art creation depicting Psalm 23.

Today we have another sign board. It's smaller. It doesn't light up. It's harder to put letters in it. And right now, the plastic runner on the third line is pulling apart from the sign; any letters there end up falling to the ground. So really, I only have two lines to say something. And because that space is so small, I rarely change the sign, and don't try to say much, other than, "Join Us, Sunday 10:30am."

When our original sign got muted, I was disappointed. I thought not having it weakened the church's witness. But after visiting, the demise of our sign might not be so bad after all.

This site is full of awful church sign sayings--accompanied by plenty of sarcastic commentary. After spending a few minutes at this place, you'll be afraid to put anything on your church sign.

And yes...I did find a few quotes that were once on my church sign.

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