Monday, January 08, 2007

U Haul U Grunt

Need help moving? I'll help.

All you need to do is feed me lunch.

My sister-in-law did, so I grunted and groaned over the weekend and moved stuff off a U-Haul van into her new home.

One thing my nephew Ryan and I moved together was several huge pieces of an exercise machine--off the truck, through the front door, down the stairs, around the corner, and into a dim lit, unfinished basement room. One piece was a huge steel tube with some awkward pieces attached. It must have weighed at least 200 pounds.

I asked Ryan, "Is anybody really going to use this?"

He said, "I doubt it."

For the next few moments I pouted quietly, thinking, "Then why are we moving it?"

And then I told Ryan, "Well, if nobody uses it, at least we got some exercise from it."

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littleriverlon said...

We actually bought a nice treadmill for our Christmas present. Talk about a pain to move in. Down the basement steps. It weighed around 300 lbs. It makes a great place to hang sweaters that need drying--especially if you turn the attached fan. Actually, I have been pretty dedicated. I am becoming agitated though. I mean I have been doing this almost daily ( 1.5=2 miles) for two weeks. Shouldn't I have dropped 10 pounds or so?? I have also disovered that I may be allergic to exercise- I often break out into a sweat and encounter shortness of breath and can get a little dizzy. Oh well, I will trudge on. Being in front of the big screen TV makes it more tolerable.