Sunday, March 23, 2008


I need Easter. I was reminded of that again this year.

I woke up plenty early to get ready for the 7:00am community sunrise service at Windom. The night before, I put everything I needed in the dining room-- my computer, computer speakers, guitar, guitar stand, guitar strap, sheet music, and Bible. I was playing some media clips off my computer and leading worship with my guitar. Everything was in place, so I didn't have to panic early in the morning getting ready. And I arrived at the church at 6:20am. Again, in plenty of time to casually set up the computer and guitar.

And then I realized that I left home without the computer speakers.

With 20 minutes left before service time, I saw my family van go faster than it ever did. On the way, I was steaming mad. How could I be so stupid leaving those speakers behind? They were sitting with all the other stuff I grabbed.

I made it back with 2 minutes until service time. I got everything set up and led the first song on my guitar. On the outside, I'm smiling and leading "He's Lives." But inside, I was burning mad, furious at myself. The last thing I wanted to do was lead worship.

It was a simple mistake. You forgot something. Big deal. But I was enraged.

We kept singing. "Up from the grave He arose..." And somewhere in the music, I remembered the purpose of Easter. It's about a Savior who died for sinners-- angry control-freak sinners like me. He suffered, died, and rose again to save me and make me into something new.

Saved I am. But the transformation is taking time.

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Anonymous said...

Ah brother Ted, I hear ya! Isn't it great that the gospel is meant for the lost, blind, lame losers like, er, you and me?

Earl C. - another agenda bound pastor