Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. Peanut Butter

The following story is about one of my good friends from around here. He's pictured to the left of me, taken when we served together at a camp for those with developmental disabilities. Thanks to the Little River Monitor Journal and Denice Dater for this article. All of it is true!

Warren Rostine of Windom, sometimes known as Mr. Peanut Butter, has reached a milestone in his peanut butter consumption. According to records that he keeps, on December 5, 2007, he had eaten 2,500 pounds of peanut butter.

According to Rostine he began eating peanut butter in the 1970’s and has been keeping an ongoing record of his consumption for many years. He earned the title of Mr. Peanut Butter in January 1981. At that time he had eaten 671 pounds of peanut butter. His favorite brands are Skippy and ShurFine and his favorite way to eat peanut butter is all by itself.

"I eat peanut butter everyday," said Rostine. "It gives me enough energy to ride my bicycle, and I usually ride between 70 and 80 miles a week. Besides just plain peanut butter, I most often eat it in a sandwich, as a cake, pie, on celery and carrots, and sometimes on ice cream. I also like Reeces Peanut Butter Cups."

Warren said that he usually makes his own cakes and pies and sometimes eats his favorite flavor at a restaurant. "One day I bought a book called the Peanut Butter Diet just for fun, but it hasn’t changed my way of eating," commented Rostine.

Congratulations on your achievement Warren, happy eating to you.

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