Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost Tomb of Jesus Revisited

Last year about this time, a big brouhaha was created when the Discovery Channel aired a special called, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," claiming the place of Jesus' burial had been uncovered.

The "facts" of the special were pretty outrageous then and remain so now.

What's happened since then is the subject of an article by Thomas Madden, called, "Not Dead Yet." It's an easy to read summary about the disputed Jerusalem tomb and a report of a January, 2008 Princeton Seminary symposium where scholars gathered to discuss the evidence.

Madden's piece includes a link to this fascinating article by Jodi Magness, where she discusses Jewish burial customs in 1st century Jerusalem and then slams the door shut on Lost Tomb theory.

Bottom line? The tomb of Jesus is still empty!

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