Monday, August 18, 2008

Links to Warren-Obama-McCain Forum

Joel Belz of World Magazine: "All three men were very, very good. I predict it will be ultimately demonstrated, though, that Warren, one way or another, will prove himself the big winner of the evening, with McCain not very far behind."

John Mark Reynolds
: "Tonight at the Saddleback Civil Forum Obama was good, but seemed to be playing it safe while McCain, dear old John McCain, brought his A game. I am stunned, because I did not know he even had a B game."

Barack Obama, in an interview with CBN's David Brody, says the National Right to Life Committee is lying about his position on infants born alive during an induced abortion.

Denny Burke replies: Obama is lying.

The Wall Street Journal questions the inexperienced Barack Obama questioning the inexperience of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

Byron York on how McCain won over voters at Saddleback.

Star Parker doesn't like the fact that Pastor Warren hosted the forum: " We need political leaders that are more moral, not church leaders that are more political." Personally, I like idea. The OT prophets were moral leaders, but also political.

Hugh Hewitt shows how Obama wasn't totally forthcoming in his answers, such as marriage and Senate ethics reform.

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