Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Record Store Tour

I wish I thought of this...

A guy hopped in his car and drove 1,700 miles touring the country to visit America's coolest record stores.

Having managed School Kids Records in Athens, Ohio for six years, I love-- to use a now archaic term-- "record stores." Schoolkids, in in my not so humble opinion, was a pretty cool store. We had a great selection, low prices, and a friendly and helpful staff. The years in the store shaped me in many ways-- as a Christian, a business person, and a pop culture dude. It was a great way to spend my single years. While I love the internet, I'm sad how it basically wiped out the music retail business, including Schoolkids.

My family wouldn't consider a tour of record stores a vacation.

But I know an old friend from college who'd gladly go with me.

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