Monday, June 01, 2009

Albert Mohler on Tiller Murder

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers some important moral clarity for the pro-life movement regarding the murder of Wichita abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller:
But violence in the name of protesting abortion is immoral, unjustified, and horribly harmful to the pro-life cause. Now, the premeditated murder of Dr. George Tiller in the foyer of his church is the headline scandal -- not the abortions he performed and the cause he represented.

We have no right to take the law into our own hands in an act of criminal violence. We are not given the right to take this power into our own hands, for God has granted this power to governing authorities. The horror of abortion cannot be rightly confronted, much less corrected, by means of violence and acts outside the law and lawful means of remedy. This is not merely a legal technicality -- it is a vital test of the morality of the pro-life movement.
Mohler also makes his appeal pointing back in history to John Brown, a zealous abolitionist who made Kansas history:
The pro-life movement in America must not wage war against abortion by following the example of John Brown. Nor can we allow ourselves the luxury of the logic of defending the indefensible along the lines of Thoreau. We must confront this great evil of abortion from a higher plane, and know that the battle is ultimately in God's hands.
Mohler's bottom line is the ends does not justify the means.

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