Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guitarist Mike Roe in Little River July 29

Singer, songwriter, and versatile guitarist Michael Roe--with opening act Michael Miller-- will appear in concert on Wednesday evening, July 29, at 7:30pm, on the stage of the Sr. Center, 220 Main St., Little River, Kansas.

The free will benefit concert will support Gavin Schlatter, a local seven year old boy who is suffering a long term illness.

Roe (The 77’s, The Lost Dogs) is an autumnal, bluesy, introspective kind of guy who is a master on any guitar put in his hands. Vocally and stylistically he spans the years from Blind Willy Johnson, to Chuck Berry, to Elvis Presley, to Johnny Cash, to Neil Young, to Art Garfunkel. Roe can cover any genre and any style without skipping a beat. He is an all-things-to-all men guitarist/vocalist for the rootsy, collaborative Lost Dogs. Regardless of the hat he is wearing, Michael Roe has, over the course of his 25+ years as a national recording artist, delivered well-crafted songs and lyrics to his audience.

Roe is also a much-demanded producer and session player and has spent considerable time discovering, producing and playing on many diverse projects. Some of his additional works have been recorded by both general market players and Christian music’s most popular artists.

Michael Roe has carved out a body of work that is broad, deep, well regarded and much acclaimed. In each of his recordings, Roe desires not only to set forth a well written song but also to show himself as a real human being, writing from his experience of life’s difficulties and struggles as well as life’s joys and promises. “These songs are a forum where I dialogue with myself and with God. A lot of these are prayers, some of them are promises I’m making to myself, some of them are just wishful thinking. Oftentimes my songs tell on me, they indict me, they provoke me, they convict me.” Adds Roe, “We’re only here for a short time, in this veil of tears...I hope my songs help people in general to realize what we have been given and how much is available to us.”

On a personal note, I've been a fan of Mike's for more than 20 years. I'm pleased to welcome him back to small town America.

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