Friday, June 05, 2009

God Bless You Pete Lopez

The Federal government is telling hundreds of GM and Chrysler dealerships that they will no longer be authorized dealers. Incredible that this is happening in America.

Watching C-Span 2 tonight, I heard Pete Lopez, owner of the Spencer Auto Group in Spencer, WV testify before the Senate. Spencer's population is about 3,000 and resembles life in rural Kansas. Like dealerships in this area, Spencer Auto Group is getting both their GM and Chrysler dealerships pulled out from under them. 18 jobs are at stake.

Lopez told how his dealership drives 30 miles each way to pick up and service the car of a 79 year old lady. Spencer sponsors the local 4-H club and provides cars to local high school driver's ed program. Spencer is a community leader. And the Federal government's intrusion into GM and Chrysler--and the Fed's long meddling in the auto industry with its rules and regulations--is ruining this company and reducing the quality of life in rural America.

Dag gone shame.

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