Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Guitar Hack Inspiration

Tonight, me and a buddy are going to Wichita to see a phenomenal acoustic guitar player, Richard Gilewitz.

I've seen him twice before. He's a goofy guy, but what a guitarist. To that last sentence, Gilewitz would probably say, "Yep, it's a trade-off."

What he does on a 12-string guitar I've never seen duplicated. If you're into acoustic guitar, he definitely worth checking out if he ever comes to your neighborhood.

I have great respect (and a large dose of envy!) for people like Richard who are masters at their craft. After you spend time with such people, you return home with a little more inspiration to keep hacking away at what you're doing.

Hack, hack, hack.

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littleriverlon said...

Inspiration come from within. Still, we need reminders from various sources including amazing performers. I don't know that I am ever truly "inspired" by such performances. More likely, I am impressed. The impressions are of what can be accomplished with talent, skill, dedicatio, etc. Another impression I get is that I can NEVER be that good. I don't think that is God's plan. Still, such events (eg. Pierce Pettis, tommy E., etc.) remind me that beauty can be accomplished and that I can improve IF I dedicate myself to doing just that. On a similar note, I find myself "inspired" by pressure. If I know I have to play at church or at some gathering, I practice. After all, I don't want to stink. And, if at all possible, I want my song to be tribute to my Lord.