Saturday, April 22, 2006

Loss Upon Loss

This past Wednesday was a day of loss that got progressively harder.

In the morning, my wife, mother-in-law, and kids went off to Colorado for a week.

At midday, some good friends told me they were changing jobs and moving this summer.

Then late in the afternoon, I received word that a member of our church died in a farm accident. Betty Carlton was our church treasurer and a very good friend to me. Her husband died in March after a long battle with cancer. Our entire small town is in shock and grief.

After being with the grieving family, and driving home at night, I saw a very bright and moving image in the sky. It lasted for several seconds. At first, I thought it was a shooting star. But then, before it disappeared, the light broke off into different pieces. Most likely, it was space junk that was burning up in the earth's atmosphere.

After a day like Wednesday, I'm looking for a ray of hope.

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