Monday, April 03, 2006

Lots of Laughs--Nelson Style

We had a fun time on April Fools Night as comedian Bob Nelson came to rural Kansas and Little River to entertain about 750 folks. Thank you so much Bob for your willingness to come and be with us. The town really appreciated it.

We enjoyed several of Bob's classic stunts--The Farmer & Duck "verbamime," meeting the football all-stars, and four tips to becoming a professional fighter from Jiffy Jeff.

During one routine, Bob talked about the time he took his wife to a french restaurant they often frequent: "The waiter greets us and say, 'Ah, Mrs. Nelson, you look lovely tonight.' And I go, 'Dang, he stole my line!'"

The day after the comedy show happened to be my wife's birthday. As we were driving to Lyons, the town west of Little River, for a dinner date out, I handed Melissa the birthday cards that came in the mail. One of the cards came from Raymond Harris, Melissa's boss in Dallas and a good friend to both of us. In the card, Raymond wrote, "I really appreciate you." And deja vu, I go, "Dang, he stole my line."

Later at the restaurant, we ran into some old friends. After chattting, they picked up our bill and paid for our meal. So I told Melissa, "Looks like I still owe you a birthday dinner."

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