Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today is the day of the devil.

Why? Because today is 6-6-06 and the devil's number, according to Revelation 13:17-19, is 666.

Wow. Today's numerical date and the numerical number of the Beast happen to be the same. You know what I call that? A coincidence. But that's not stopping people from seizing this day to draw attention to themselves.

So today, the town of Hell, Michigan is embracing the moment with a party. In Holland, a group is calling for a "violent day of worship" (golly, I've thought of a lot of adjectives for worship, but never "violent") so that Satan's plans on this day will be destroyed.

When it comes to numbers, our culture thinks like the Greeks. We see numbers as something that indicates quantity. But according to historian Ray Vanderlaan, Hebrew people (and the Apostle John who wrote the beast's number in Revelation was a full-fledged Hebrew) often used numbers to describe a quality or a symbol.

If something dramatic happens today in the plan of God, so be it. But I'm not anticipating it.

LATE DAY POSTSCRIPT: Saw this story on the Drudge Report. There's a 6' 6" man who turned 66 on 6-6-06. He must be the anti-Christ!

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