Friday, June 23, 2006

Fried Computer

Yesterday we had a huge lightning storm roar through town that dumped 2" of rain.

It also fried my church computer.

It was working fine Wednesday night before the storm and Thursday morning it was dead. The telephone modem--that wasn't plugged into the surge protector--is probably the culprit.

I intended on a nice relaxing summer day on Thursday. Instead, I spent most the day trying to recover data since my last backup.

I asked my wife, "Can I cuss?" She said, "No."

"Obviously, this is what God intends for you to deal with today," she continued. "You can fight Him or go with the flow."

Uuuuggggh. I'm still fighting.

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littleriverlon said...

I, myself, have yet to learn to go with the flow. Cussing, ranting, etc. are the norm. A fried computer would really do the trick. I need more patience, and quickly!!!