Monday, July 10, 2006

Doyle Wins US Senior Open

The stage was set for Tom Watson to win the US Senior Open. He started the fourth and final round with the lead. He was playing in front of a very partial home state crowd. But Watson wilted and Allen Doyle went on to win his second consecutive US Senior Open at Prairie Dunes CC in Hutchinson, Kansas.

My Dad and I spent a lot of time on #6 tee. It's an elevated tee and the gallery ropes are practically right on top of the players. It's the closest point on the entire golf course where golfers and gallery come into contact.

From #6 tee, we saw Brad Bryant poke a 1 iron 270 yards. Bruce Lietzke hit his patented high fade. Tom Watson pulled his drive over the left trap and into the rough. And Allen Doyle slapped his drive straight down the fairway. How that guy generates so much power with his unorthodox hockey stick swing, I'll never know.

Even though Doyle spoiled the galleries hopes for a Watson win in his home state, Doyle was clearly the best player and the only golfer to shoot under par scores all four days.

I was definitely a winner getting to spend time with my Dad. We had a great time. It was a memorable week of vacation. Thanks for coming out Dad!

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Dad said...

Your welcome. It was the most fun I have had on a golf course in years. The stoicism of those pros on #6 as they addressed the ball, the swish of those club heads as they launched those drives off the tee, and the flight of the balls sailing majestically out over the prarie grasses will be implanted firmly in my mind for years to come.