Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Out to Pasture

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I'm in a goofy mood this morning, so here's a goofy picture.

I saw this scene on Plum St., the north-south street between Little River and Hutchinson.

Two of my favorite books are the classic treasures on creativity written by Roger Von Oech--Whack On the Side of the Head and A Kick in the Seat of the Pants. As an exercise to spark your creativity and generate useful ideas, Von Oech suggests taking two seemingly unrelated things and imagining what they have in common. Interestingly, a lot of new products get developed this way. For example, who thought that cameras and phones could go together?

So what do cows and truck trailers have in common?

-They both take in "cargo"
-They both put on weight
-They both have "wheels" to move
-They both have a variety of colors on their "exterior"
-They both have ID tags (cattle get a plastic tag punched into the cartilage of their ear)
-Cows and trucks both have "horns"

I'm trying to brainstorm 10 thoughts. It's getting tougher.

-They both are heavy (not a good one, but hey, evaluation takes place after brainstorming)
-They both carry meat
-They both spend a lot of time outside
-They both occasionally stop and "park"

I did it. And I thought of one more. #11:

-They're both "out to pasture."

Now it's your turn. Have fun.

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