Friday, July 14, 2006

A Providential Call

"I kept calling his name and calling his name, hoping that he--just praying that anyone would come and pick up the phone. But they never did."

Those are the words of Lisa Jefferson, a supervisor at Verizon Airphone, and the last outside person to talk to Todd Beamer before Flight 93 crashed in rural Pennsylvania on 9-11.

A fascinating interview with Ms. Jefferson is posted at

She actually wasn't the first person at Verizon to take Beamer's call. Ms. Jefferson took over the call because the original person was traumatized by what Mr. Beamer was describing.

She firmly believes God providentially chose her for that moment with Mr. Beamer.

Verizon Airphone laid off Ms. Jefferson in April, 2005--after working 20 years for the company.

On p. 3 of the story, you can click an audio file to hear Ms. Jefferson pray the Lord's Prayer, as she did with Mr. Beamer--before he and others on Flight 93 stormed the cockpit and overcame the terrorists.

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