Monday, October 02, 2006

Marriage Resolution Voted Down

Delegates this past weekend at the annual meeting of the UCC Kansas-Oklahoma Conference voted down our church's resolution defining marriage as one man and one woman.

The vote to adopt was 24 yes (17%), 96 no (66%), and 25 abstentions (17%).

An earlier amendment to postpone the resolution was defeated--69 no (54%) to 59 yes (46%).

Bruce Ramage, our church's deacon and resolution representative, thanked the delegates for allowing our resolution to be voted upon. It was a grace note that capped off a weekend of difficult discussion.

I expected to take home the message that our resolution was voted down.

But I'm also bringing back word that we are loved.

That was a pleasant surprise and it puts all the discussion in better perspective.

Our church still has decisions to make on whether or not to stay in the United Church of Christ.

To that end, I covet your prayers.

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