Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Prayers and English Composition

Every night, me and my three-year-old son David have a little nightly ritual.

We walk the dog together.

For ten minutes, we have time to ourselves and talk about whatever. Often we look up in the sky and find the moon or point out stars.

Our route is around the block. David usually walks about half way. Eventually he gets tired and says to me,

"I want to hold you."

That's what he says, but the grammarian in me says he actually means, "I want you to hold me."

But the last time this all transpired, it dawned on me that maybe David's language skills are just fine.

Instead of issuing a command or request ("I want you to hold me"), what David really wants to communicate is the desire of his heart ("I want to hold you").

A lot of times when I pray, I tell God what I want Him to do for me ("I want you to...").

But next time, I'll learn from my three-year-old, and just tell God, "I want to hold you."

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