Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ron Prince's Coaching Move for Josh Freeman

"Why did you move offensive coordinator James Franklin from the field to the upstairs coach's box?"

That was one of the questions asked by Wyatt Thompson to Kansas State's first year Head Football Coach Ron Prince on his radio program last night, after K-State beat Oklahoma State over the weekend.

Prince explained that the move was done to benefit their first time starting quarterback, freshman Josh Freeman:

"I moved James upstairs into the booth so whenever Josh came off the field, he immediately had to put on his headset and listen to his coach.

A young quarterback, especially one starting for the first time, gets a lot of people coming over to him and talking in his ear. Some players want to encourage him, some want to point out something, some want to do a little politicking for the ball.

But if Josh has that headset in his ears, he can't listen to any of that. So I told James to talk to Josh the entire time the offense is on the sidelines."

That was a fascinating answer. That's a coach who is thinking about everything.

After hearing it, I thought, "There's a real spiritual principle there too."

As Christians, sometimes you must cut yourself off from all the well-meaning voices and just listen to your Heavenly Father.

Folks want to give you advice. Friends want to boost you up. Others want you to do them a favor. Everybody has something "good" to tell you. Lots of messages.

But sometimes, the best thing to do is get away from all the well-meaning voices, go to a quiet place of solitude, and listen solely for the voice of God.

Putting on the spiritual headset.

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