Thursday, April 26, 2007

Church Joins Faithful and Welcoming

Last night at our Quarterly Meeting, the Little River Congregational Church voted to formally associate itself with the United Church of Christ (UCC) renewal movement known as Faithful and Welcoming Churches (FWC).

The vote followed discussion about how our church can move forward, in light of the February 28 vote where our church voted 59-31 to leave the UCC, one vote shy of a 2/3 majority.

When the motion was discussed, one point raised was the need for the majority to listen to the concerns of the minority and not abuse its power; it was also said that the minority has responsibilities to the majority, allowing it move in the manner it sees fit.

Personally, it was good to hear such discussion. Unlike a political legislative body, we're all in this together as a church. Our unity is centered around our faith in Jesus Christ. As the UCC likes to say, everyone has a place at the table.

Improving the way majorities relate to minorities and vice versa is one objective I hope Faithful and Welcoming Churches can accomplish on larger scale in the UCC.

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Rick Pierce said...

I checked out their site, looks like a wonderful solution to a tough problem. Good way to keep your tradition without comprimise