Monday, April 23, 2007

Iraqi Terrorists Using Clorine Bombs

Why aren't we reading more news and commentary in the United States media like this? From the British newspaper the Guardian, an article by Henry Porter:
The West bears much of the blame for the situation in Iraq, but as it descends further into barbaric civil war, the Islamic world cannot keep using us as an alibi.

At least nine of the large-scale attacks in Iraq since the beginning of the year have involved the use of chlorine. These bombs strike a particular fear because if people are not killed by the blast, they may easily die an agonising death when the chlorine is dispersed and inhaled...

If the number of attacks diminished, the Americans and British troops would leave Iraq far faster than seems likely at the present. The situation, therefore, can no longer be taken for a classic resistance of an occupying force. Nor can it be entirely seen as the opposite, that is to say a guerrilla war that is maintained by Islamist, Shia and Ba'athists groups for the sole purpose of engaging the American and British military.

The proof of this lies in the fact that the great majority of casualties are caused by Arabs killing Arabs, Muslims slaughtering Muslims.
This article reveals a lot about the situation the US is facing right now in Iraq.

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