Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 Problems with Evolution

Highly respected Christian philosophy J.P. Moreland has posted at Christianity Today his top 5 books on apologetics-- that is, reasons that support the feasibility of Christian faith.

One of Moreland's recommended books is Dr. Jonathan Wells' "Icons of Evolution." While Wells belongs to Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church-- which most Christians recognize as a cult because its teaching are incompatible with Christian theology-- Moreland nevertheless is impressed with Wells' arguments that expose the problems of evolution and reveal the evidence of divine creation.

If you click on Wells' Amazon blog, you'll see 10 reasons why evolutionary theory is problematic.

Here are the first five. I especially like arguments 1 and 4.
1. The root of the controversy is not evolution, but Darwinism. Evolution can mean simply change within existing species, a fact that people have known for centuries. But Darwinism claims that all living things are descended from a common ancestor by unguided natural processes such as random mutations and survival of the fittest – and that what appears to be design in living things is just an illusion.

2. Intelligent design is not religion, but science. Intelligent design maintains that we can infer from evidence in nature that some features of the universe and living things are better explained by an intelligent cause than by unguided processes. It is not biblical creationism, but empirical science. Darwinists claim it is not scientific because it is untestable – but they also claim they have tested it and proven it wrong.

3. The evidence does not support Darwinism. First, the fossil record turns Darwin's theory upside down. Second, no matter what we do to a fruit fly embryo, the only possible outcomes are a normal fruit fly, a defective fruit fly, or a dead fruit fly; no Darwinian evolution. Third, comparisons of molecules such as DNA do not provide support for Darwinian theory, but lead to conflicting conclusions. Finally, no one has
ever observed the origin of even one species by Darwin’s process of variation and selection.

4. Darwinism has made no valuable contributions to biology. Darwinists boast that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution," but the major disciplines of biology – including anatomy, botany, embryology, genetics, microbiology, paleontology, physiology and zoology – were founded either before Darwin or by scientists who rejected his theory. Agriculture and medicine – the two disciplines that have provided us with the most practical benefits – owe nothing to Darwinism.

5. Biology and cosmology both provide evidence for intelligent design. The computer-like code in DNA, and the complex molecular machines inside living cells, cannot be produced by unguided processes but point to a designing intelligence. So does that fact that Earth is unusually well suited not only for life, but also for scientific discovery.
Read 6-10 here.


Ozan said...

what is the age of the earth ?

littleriverlon said...

Over 4 billion years. I know, it doesn't look a day over 3 Billion.....