Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baseball Uniform Magic

For five years, Dirk Hayhurst has been a right handed reliever in the San Diego Padres' farm system. By his own admission, he wonders if he'll ever make it to the major leagues. But he keeps dreaming and keeps playing.

And because he wears a baseball uniform, people think he's special:
A mother brought her son past the bullpen a few days back. As they approached, we instinctively acted as if our attention was wrapped up in the game; looking away from them, avoiding eye contact...

"Hello," said the mother. We said nothing in return and continued to act as if we couldn't see or hear her. She stumbled at our coldness, and cast hear eyes around sadly. She looked at her son, who never took his eyes off us, smiled, and then mustered enough courage to try again.
Fans can be pretty selfish and rude, but what happens next is pretty neat and goes to show how a sports uniform can create some magical moments in the life of a child.

Hayhurst may not be a top tier baseball player, but he's a darn good story teller.

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