Saturday, September 15, 2007

Read This If You Went to Seminary

If you ever went to seminary-- quick! Go to this link before it's taken down.

It's the humorous and completely fake blog journal of well known and highly respected evangelical scholar D.A. Carson of Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Illinois.

In The Secret Diary of D.A. Carson, inspired by the fake blog of Apple genius Steve Jobs, "Carson" boasts about his badminton skills, coaches John Piper to be a better preacher, and loathes the emerging church movement. Here's a sample post in the form of Q & A:
"Hey, D.A.! Quick question: what's the 'A.' stand for?" -Alph

Well, originally my parents named me Donald Arthur, but I had the "A." legally changed to "Awesome" in 1978 shortly after I definitively defeated J.I. Packer in a game of badminton. Old goat never even saw it coming...
Apparently, Trinity Seminary isn't exactly pleased with the humor and is threatening to bring down the blog, which is written by four guys. In turn, the Evangelical Outpost wonders about the limits of humor.

Personally, I think its hilarious.

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littleriverlon said...

what are your thoughts on Kathy Griffin and her "**** Jesus!" comment? Sure, she got a lot of notoriety, but where is the outrage from the American people? You know, that same outrage we surely would have seen had the comment been made about Allah....