Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Climbing the Rock

Sunday after church was my family's 2nd annual Labor Day weekend camp out at Kanopolis Lake.

We don't have a lot of camping gear and that's one reason we don't camp out much. It also makes our experience a little rougher. My gang slept soundly in the pup tent. Meanwhile, I was awake nearly all night in the minivan. But aside from me getting no sleep, we had lots of fun swimming, grilling, and hanging out together.

On Monday we traveled a few miles north of the lake to check out a unique Kansas site-- Mushroom State Park. There, you'll discover some of the strangest rocks you've ever seen.

The kids had a great time climbing the rocks-- especially David, my four-year-old son. Every time he reached the top of a rock, he acted just like Tarzan, beating his bare chest and yelling, "Ahhaaaahaaa!"

On one rock (pictured above in the foreground), I lifted David off the ground and was about to set him on top of the rock. There was no way he could climb it himself. But as soon as his feet touched the top, he started crying. He said, "I wanna climb it!" So I set him down and then held him secure as climbed his way up.

Afterwards I got to thinking: I could learn something from my son. He didn't want to simply be on top of the rock. He wanted the adventure and satisfaction of climbing it. Only then was reaching the top rewarding. How many people want the glory of "being on top," but aren't willing to put in the effort? Like basketball coach Bob Knight once said-- people love playing the game, but nobody likes to practice. But when you do the hard work, the rewards are that much more satisfying.

This week, go climb your rock.

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