Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Links to the Intergoogle 11-13-07

Assertion: Fair Trade doesn't really help the poor. I've never heard anyone even dare challenge the idea.

One-way street: Thinking is “free” if you move away from God, not toward God. Case in point? The criticism philosopher Antony Flew has received since publicly renouncing atheism and embracing belief in God's existence.

No Ban, But: The Catholic News Agency reports China won't allow 2008 summer Olympic athletes to bring in a Bible for security reasons. But the official Beijing Olympic site says, "Each traveler is recommended to take no more than one Bible into China." While that's better than Saudi Arabia, it's still typical Communist fare.

New Questions/Answers about Jesus' Resurrection: Craig Lane responds to skepticism of Dale C. Allison and his book, Resurrecting Jesus: The Earliest Christian Tradition and Its Interpreters (T&T Clark, 2005). Excellent review for what looks like an excellent book.

Good Quote: Missionary Roland Allen, responding in a 1930's letter to his sponsors who were asking for big stories: "I do not trust spectacular things. Give me the seed growing secretly every time."

Bible, Beer, and Bubbly: Writes Daniel Whitfield: "Based on the 247 references to wine and strong drink... The Bible has several warnings against drunkenness, but only one caution against the responsible use of alcohol in celebration and with meals."

Brainstorm 100: Tackle any issue by making a list of 100. A real idea generator. I'm gonna try this.

Yes, we have no bananas: You won't see this kind of picture everyday.

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