Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Now That's Discipline!

Did you watch the New England-Indy football game? Two 8-0 teams going head-to-head? It definitely lived up to the hype! I love the NFL.

Imagine sitting in the stands and watching that game at the RCA stadium-- that would be great. But can you imagine being at the game... and not... watching... a... single... play?

I noticed this during CBS' coverage of the game. A TV camera followed a pass play that got caught and players went out of bounds. The stadium erupted in a cheering frenzy.

But wait.

There's several people on the sidelines in yellow shirts with their backs to the action. How can they not be watching the action?!

And then I realized, those are security personnel from CSC. They're trained and paid to not watch the game. Instead, their job is to watch the people watching the game.

Be at the game, but not watch it?

Either that's crazy, or that's real discipline.

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