Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Links to the Intergoogle

Silly Game: Need to waste time? Toss this online paper airplane.

Probably: The Dawn Treader asks, "Is blogging a form of pride?"

A Prayer for Rich Preachers: Accused of lavish spending and gross mismanagement, Richard Roberts has resigned the presidency of the university that bears his father's name, Oral Roberts. After Christianity Today's "Live Blog" reported this news, I like this prayer offered up by a reader named "Jack Knife":
Oh Lord! Enlighten the unbelievers with a sign of your presence! Test the faith of your servants Richard and Lindsay Roberts, Paul and Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyers, Paula White, and Creflo Dollar as you did with your servant Job! Allow Satan to take away their riches, houses, cars, and planes, and smite them with dreadful boils. When they, as Job, refuse to curse your name, the unbeliever’s eyes may then be opened!
Cute! A video of a little girl reciting Psalm 23.

U2 Might Like This: A symphonic version of "One" by Bono, Edge, and Brian Eno. Cool.

Politically Incorrect Alliance: What does Wal-Mart and the superstar music group The Eagles have in common? The band self-produced their new 2 disc album, without the help of a major label music company, and then made an exclusive distribution deal with the retail giant. Elites say The Eagles have lost their coolness factor by consorting with big business. Geez, what do you call the The Eagles franchise? I say good for The Eagles and Wal-Mart... and good for me that I got out of the music retail business years ago.

Hell: Emergent church guy Dan Kimball talks about his sermon on hell. He covers all the bases.

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